Making time for training

The importance of time management for regular training


Why is training often the first thing we sacrifice when we are time poor?

Or should I say when our time management is poor? Let’s be real, life is a little more complex than ‘eat, sleep, work, repeat’, but this shouldn’t validate a mentality of not having time to train.

Day to day duties can be tough, time consuming and often unpredictable. I mean one day everything works out perfectly and to plan.

Yet the next day you wake up to your car having a flat tyre, a meeting you will now be late for with your manager, a lunch date with Stacey who’s just had a break up, and on top of all that your partner who has just come down with a serious case of the ‘man flu’!

Our days are filled with time consuming activities and it’s easy to assume you don’t have time to train, so how do we make time?

Let’s start with our time consuming activities aka TCA’s. Make a list of your day to day TCA’s, this needs to include not only your work, travel time, school runs, gym etc. but also social media, lunch breaks and TV programs.  Once you’ve generated this list it’s time to prioritise.

Beside each TCA you need to determine if it’s a non-essential or an essential TCA. For example watching the latest season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is great, but if you miss it, you can always watch it another day. On the flip side, if you miss work, you may not have a job the next day… catching what I’m kicking?


Time Consuming Activities
Non-essential Social media

Lunch dates

TV programs


Essential Work

Family Time


Travel time

Sleep (6- 8hours)


Now you have your list, map out your day from start to finish. Visually look at your day. Where can you find time for yourself in it? Because on the list of prioritised TCA’s any activity for your health, mental health and all round wellbeing should be at the top. If you don’t look after number one ‘pssst… that’s you’ how can you dedicate yourself to the rest of your TCA’s.

It’s time to adjust your map to ensure you have time for regular exercise. Cutting back on social media, TV programs and other non-essential TCA’s is a great place to start.

They don’t have to be removed completely but maybe managed better, be aware of how much time is spent on them and put time limits in place to ensure that any time spent on them is not at the expense of your time for exercise.


Other things to consider are;

Can we wake up earlier?

Rather than sitting in peak hour traffic of a morning, can we leave earlier for work to miss the traffic and use that extra time for exercise closer to work?

Can we exercise during lunch breaks?

Now you have established where the time is coming from, it’s time to schedule your workout in to your daily regime. However you’re not just scheduling your workout, you are committing to making time for yourself. Getting yourself into a routine with this is key, if you know you’re too tired and unmotivated at the end of your work day to exercise, make time first thing in the morning and set the tone for your day by doing something positive for your health and well-being. Making time for things that are important begin to get easier and easier to do when managing your time.

Remember every day you make time for yourself and exercise you are improving your health, mental health and all round wellbeing. Your health and wellbeing is a priority and is essential for getting you through unpredictable daily variables as well as achieving your fitness goals.

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